The 'Shed' Studio, is a recycling project in itself !  

An old 'horse and carriage' shed used by a dairy/grocery in the past, left for years to deteriorate, was renovated and 'recycled' by resident artists.  Walls cleaned and repaired, doors replaced, and wood floors and ceilings fitted.  It has been a labour of love....

For some years the 'Shed' has been used as a studio, for a variety of work and craft.  It now is undergoing refurbishment for extended use as an Exhibition Gallery, for this Autumn and 2019. We will retain some of the brick walls but as from November it will fitted new white Exhibition Boards.

For some years it was the home of our 100+ year old Loom (which has been handed down several generations) and now resides very happily in the Cabin (textile and crafts studio)

In 2016 Laura Tuffley (Weaver) offered to bring it up to standard, and bring it out of its 'museum' status, and make it yet again a working machine.  During August of that year we created an Exhibition to show what the old Loom was capable of ( in Laura's hands !)  Laura already helps to run the Gallery, and we have invited her to explore the Loom's possibilities, and develop her own work.    If you have a chance, it is well worth a visit, where you can see the Loom in action, and get to know more about Laura's work.  So far her work has been very well received, and during the Exhibition period, she sold well.  Currently she is taking commissions and is preparing her designs for Winter wear.  Laura's prices are very accessible, for such beautifully handwoven scarves, handbags, and cushion covers.

Anna Hamilton joined Creative Recycling some years ago.  As well as helping to run the Gallery, she also creates her own unique collection of Accessories.  Her specialities are Hand bags and Purses, alongside her beautiful cushion covers.  Anna only uses recycled materials, and has found ingenious ways to present a huge variety of style and tones, making her handmade products an easy fit when co-ordinating with most people's wardrobe. Anna also has a wide variety of dress jewellery, from Brooches to Necklaces, and Bracelets.............  

We are also associated with a number of artists from Manchester and around the country, (about 30 other artists are featured in the Gallery alongside our own work). We will be featuring some of their work created by woodworkers, metalworkers, and ceramicists in the very near future, and a little about the artists themselves........



Hiring Wall Space

We can offer other Artists display wall space for Artwork (framed) at very low cost.  

The panelled spaces are approximately 1m wide  x 2m tall

If you are interested, we are happy to send you information/terms/costs.  


Feel free to contact us at


This is a great opportunity for graduates/self taught emerging artists who wish to show their work to a wider audience.  The Display is hired for a 12 week period, and paid for every four weeks, in advance.  

Any Sales will be paid to the Artist at the end of each 4 week period.

Textile Club   meeting in the  Cabin Studio

A local group who meet the third Thursday in every month : talks, demonstrations and hand-on techniques.  

Led by Felter Christine Lomas.  The group is open to new members, and you will be given a warm welcome.  Ask at the Counter for further information, or email us